death you are a poem…


I don’t know why I get distraught by the news of deaths. It doesn’t matter if I knew those dying personally or they were related to me, or the fact that I have never even met them. Every time I hear about their exit to the outer worlds, I get depressed. This depression has nothing to do with my ‘fear of death’ as much as the way I feel connected to the mourners. I don’t know why! Be it an acquaintance that died of cancer leaving a 10 year son behind or the new Union Minister of the country dying in a car accident. I feel deep pain and sadness for unknown yet obvious reasons. Even today, as I go through this motley of sadness that surrounds death, I would like to present the complete poem.

It is written by my most favorite Indian, Writer, Poet, Filmmaker, Gulzar. I first came across this in the famous Hindi Movie – Anand. The second time I heard it when The Guy was mumbling it a few days back. It’s the words like this that give you real solace, when your heart seeks peace and the mind gets cloudy. They might not give you all the hope, but they surely enlighten your views about life and death. As I leave you with this poem, I hope that my next post will be far more cheerful and inspiring and far more positive than the recent ones! Along with the original script, I am also providing its translation for easy understanding.


मौत तू एक कविता है,
मुझसे एक कविता का वादा है मिलेगी मुझको

डूबती नब्ज़ों में जब दर्द को नींद आने लगे
ज़र्द सा चेहरा लिये जब चांद उफक तक पहुचे
दिन अभी पानी में हो, रात किनारे के करीब
ना अंधेरा ना उजाला हो, ना अभी रात ना दिन

जिस्म जब ख़त्म हो और रूह को जब साँस आऐ
मुझसे एक कविता का वादा है मिलेगी मुझको



Death you are a poem…
A poem has made me a promise she shall meet me…

When drowning pulse will make the pain to feel sleepy
When the Moon, carrying her golden face will reach the horizon
When days will still be in the water and night close to the shores
There won’t yet be the darkness, neither light, nor night, or day

When the body will be gone and soul will get enlightened
A poem has made me a promise she shall meet me…


story of the world’s worst mood swings…


May 23, 2014

It takes no pains for me to announce that I have the worst and the world’s wildest mood swings. All those close to me can easily vouch to this. I was so pissed with myself for no apparent reasons. Despite that, I am really upbeat today. It has nothing to do with the fact that today is Friday.

May 27, 2014

Well, that was my story saved in the drafts, not too long ago! Upbeat…happy…lively! And today, I am quite down and dusted on the emotional front. I think I have mentioned this once before and that’s what I mean by ‘wild mood swings’. When I am down, I feel like the whole world is against me and I am all alone. Today, however, is a different day and different feeling altogether! Apart from the tears I shed not too long after waking up, I am still feeling like crying for many reasons. Still not being able to manage the art of conversation is going to be my biggest hurdle and I am fully aware of it.

Despite the mood though, I am excited to share the news that my parents are visiting tomorrow, which will make me upbeat, happy and lively – tomorrow! In other news, I am still trying to pursue my long-lost dream of cracking the Civil Service Exam, which is set to be held in August of this year. All said and done, I need to start with adding a hint of discipline into my lifestyle and start opening my mouth at the right time and for the right cause. Communication is the key and I have learned it the hard way, man!

And about the feeling of ‘being alone’ that I often have, I have found out my own psychoanalytical approach to all these apparent ‘sinking’ feelings. They are not really that sinking after all. The kind of social surroundings I am in these days, have made me realize one thing, more often than not, people stick together for a motive! Correct me if I am wrong. I have seen so many friendships/relationships stuck on a simple bond of ‘I am with you, because you help me’.

Sometimes I feel glad that I only bond with the people who I actually care about and vice versa. This is not just sour grapes, I really mean it! But, I have also realized that the feelings of ‘being alone’ and ‘loneliness’ are worlds apart from each other. Honestly, I would prefer being alone than staying in the wrong company. I take pride in myself over a lot of things and one of them is my ability to motivate myself whenever I am down. If you have some better motivational prep up, bring it on!

When I Cry…


I don’t cry in front of you because I am weak

I don’t cry because it is something ‘you’ lack

Baby it’s you who makes me the most comfortable in my skin

Nothing else has the power to make me feel the way I feel

When you are holding me the way you do


You stopped calling me your strength and I might not be

But you are still my strength and weakness

And you will always be!

When I cry in front of you I don’t look for a solution

I can find that out on my own and you know I will

Fearless of falling, knowing you’ll be there to catch me

I just need your shoulder that says “you belong to me”


When I cry and you fear of losing your strength

Please don’t take that comfort away from me

Please don’t take that shoulder away from me

When I cry don’t look away from me!

Travelonging – My New Travel Blog


Travelonging – My New Travel Blog

Hello All! I am proud to present my newly created, under-construction Travel blog – Travelonging

As I have mentioned it before, at some point in time, I want to start making a living out of traveling, aka travel writing. As of now, it is just a dream faraway. So, in order to motivate myself and remember the galore of attraction that the world has, I have started this initiative. Needless to say, please feel free to shower criticism and praise alike! Any suggestion for writing about yet unexplored places (or the ones that I don’t include) that I might like to add to my travel bucket list! Thank you in advance! Have a rocking week ahead!

time’s up! weekend is here!


It’s been a while since I wrote a blog! Despite setting up the reminders and all with the WordPress mailer, I am failing to keep up with my one-post-a-week-target! It’s not about lack of ideas to write a blog, but pure burden of daily chores that keep me busy, you know! Despite doing nothing special, I am running out of time! Just plain simple routine (9 hours of office, 3 hours of travel, 7 hour of sleep and remaining hours of self-indulgence)! So the saying – “when there is a will, there is a way” doesn’t particularly have any particular impact on me and my moody self.

Well, the good news is that weekend is here and I have plenty of things to look forward to!

  • House cleaning! My domestic help has voluntarily offered me to help me get rid of the entire dump in my house.
  • I have landed myself a little freelance writing prospects that I can finally ‘contemplate’ and ‘finalize’.
  • I am going shopping with my brother! He HATES it and puts it off until he has nothing to wear!
  • Last and certainly not the least – I will finally get some time to work on my ‘Travel Blog’.

Yes, I have been working on this travel blog type of thing for the past few days. And, I would love to launch it in style in due time. Probably on my birthday later this month! Oh please, that’s not a hint. No gifts please! But as Mark Twain says, “I can live for two months on a good compliment!”  So, pour them!

Anyway, so this blog thing is a real deal. I will be keeping up my travel bucket list and inspire me (and those who read it) to fulfil their dreams to traveling the world! Let’s see how it goes. Till then, I am leaving you with a quirky picture of me and ‘the guy’ that I sort of distorted on my way over to the office. Have a happy weekend everyone!


That’s what the anticipation of weekend does to you!