The Sense of Touch…


(Note: This is my first post ever, to have won any kind of award. I had written it for IndiBlogger’s Parachute Body Lotion Competition! *thank you, thank you*)

He walked into the room to the flowing white curtains and fresh ocean mist hitting every corner of their carefully designed love nest. Early summer mornings…how he missed that freshness of air and warmth of their favorite spot in the room – the French window. She was so adamant on having one in their bedroom, from where she could keep on gazing at the ocean for hours. Her go-to place, her hiding spot, her haven! It was that spot of the house where she spent most of her time with her favorite white lilies and pampering herself with her beauty routine. He knew exactly where to find her, whenever she was upset and off-color! Slowly and unwillingly he fell in love with that French window himself.

The mere gaze at that window brought back her smell – the smell of her favorite body lotion. How he missed it, her smell, her touch, the smoothness of her skin and her lively existence! His eyes started wandering along with his mind, in search of that long lost touch. He looked back at the bed and saw her sleeping peacefully – like a baby. Unfazed, unaffected from the outside world and unaware! Yes, unaware of her surroundings and his presence! She had not shown any signs of recognition for him for the two years now. As if he didn’t exist anymore. Did he become so unlovable? Was he so unwanted? The doctors said it was temporary, early signs of Alzheimer’s. They started medications to bring back her sensory functions and the warmth in her eyes that evoked every time he touched her.

He sat next to her on the bed and woke her up for the morning coffee routine. Brought out the Memory Box from the bedside table that contained the stuff he stored for her. That stuff was nothing but the memories that he could hold on to revisit various junctures of their lives. It was his only solace when he really missed her even when she was right next to him. He handed over her Parachute Body Lotion from the box in a hope that she will recognize it by the feel of the touch. A few days back, he saw an advert on TV about the Parachute #BringBackTheTouch. How could he forget how much she loved the product? How could she forget the way it made her glowing skin smooth and supple?

He decided something to himself and talked to her doctor for a fight to bring her back to him. He once wanted to see her smile mischievously when he touched her. Not for him, bur for her! It was this advert he loved and was sure would win her over:  

He knew time was slipping away and his elicitation of memories was not enough to make her realize how he missed her. He was falling short of the ways to bring her back to the reality. The video ended with this storm of thoughts and when he was done playing the advert, he looked at her, only to find her eyes welling up. She looked at him and he knew something was different. So familiar yet distant!

He instantly knew that she was feeling what he wanted to convey, no matter if it was for a splitting moment but he brought her back! The sense of touch, the smell of Parachute and his endless love won today, after all!