writer. dreamer. nomad.

So I guess it’s high time for me to find the missing threads from my blog. Call it my drill of “completing” my blog with vital details like the “About” section, widgets, et al or laugh it off just like that. No matter what the occasion is, it’s just the time when I realized bragging about yourself in “valuable” drunk conversations with your friends is easier than being sober and describing yourself in true sense of the word. Nonetheless, here it goes!

Although I moved to a metropolitan-ish city about a decade ago, I am still the same village girl at heart. Obsessed to strike it big at the civil services first, poor me, just do not remember when and how the writing bug bit me. Till date I am struggling with the duel of denial and getting a hang of it, that’s for sure! For all that I can say right now is, I am not handling it that well.

Just when the things started falling in the right place is the time when I realized I have a dream! As Lennon once said, I’m not the only one with a dream! Still, I am ready to chase it and taste its fruits – bitter and sweet! This dream is to travel the whole world and penning its mystic, magic and magnificence in my own vocables. This blog is all about getting one step closer to this dream.

Despite all the cliché, this is might be the reason why I call myself a dreamer and also, a writer! Yet, I ensure you that being an accomplished writer is far from my mediocre ‘business writer writing 5 articles a day’ self right now. And about the Nomad thing! Well, I am quite a grounded person, physically. But I also am a huge drifter at heart – it just wanders, never stops, which is what I love about my heart, mind you! So, in short, you can call me a dreamer who wishes to become an accomplished “writer. dreamer. nomad.”

And I have to say that I just cannot wait to start living my dreams! Until then, all of you hitting my blog are welcome to put up with my pain and random spurrings! Feel free to criticize me as it will obviously be taken in a less positive way. Yes, I am not fond of criticism, especially when I am at the receiving end! On a serious note, do contribute to my wealth of knowledge with your experience and opinions and I will be one happy word-perfectionist!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow..
    that was a thoughtful intro..!!
    “Dream Big” and aspire!!
    And live your life fully..!!
    Glad meeting you !!
    and hoping to stay in touch 🙂

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