wish me luck…

self scribblings

I am back from a long hiatus. No it was not a sabbatical neither was it forced. It is called as sheer lack of motivation, immense pressure at the day job and lack of all the rest of the things that really require when it comes to sticking to the original plans. Of course, forget the whole “one blog per week” and “brining the change in my social living” plans. Now, who cares about the travel bucket list and the big, big plans for the self anyway?

Really disappointed with the self for a number of reasons today and it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s Monday. I should have been upbeat about the fact that my appraisal is due and the fact that the parents are planning a visit by the end of this week as well.

Oh, sometimes I really wonder how petty my mind can get. I am mean when I am direct and I hate it. I mean whenever I look back and think of the things I shouldn’t have said to a person. Man, it eats me alive! To top it all up, I have this big ego about me being right (at most of the occasions I really am right). Sometimes I go wrong and come up with venting posts that I am developing into these blog posts these days.

Another thing I have been meaning to regret is the habit of jumping on to the conclusions. It has always been my favorite hobby. It sometimes gets back, whenever it feels like. And when I try to be over smart and come out even more foolish than people think I am…it’s just so terrible! I take pride in myself for a number of things. I might also have a tinge of superiority complex, which overpowers many other things. Low tolerance for stupidity and mind numbingly slow thinkers makes it worse.

With this introduction you must have figured out my mood. No, I am not being hard on myself. I am too self-involved to do that…

Anyways, it’s exactly two months since I published my last post. A lot has happened in these two months including numerous aspirations, opportunities to grow and instances to regret. Amidst this entire chaos, I am growing older and older by the day…Phew…Hopefully, I am back on the track with my once a week blog plan. Wish me luck!


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