When I Cry…


I don’t cry in front of you because I am weak

I don’t cry because it is something ‘you’ lack

Baby it’s you who makes me the most comfortable in my skin

Nothing else has the power to make me feel the way I feel

When you are holding me the way you do


You stopped calling me your strength and I might not be

But you are still my strength and weakness

And you will always be!

When I cry in front of you I don’t look for a solution

I can find that out on my own and you know I will

Fearless of falling, knowing you’ll be there to catch me

I just need your shoulder that says “you belong to me”


When I cry and you fear of losing your strength

Please don’t take that comfort away from me

Please don’t take that shoulder away from me

When I cry don’t look away from me!


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