On Turning 28

self scribblings

As it turns out, I am just one day away from turning 28. I am silently hoping for this apocalyptic breakdown to swing its direction and show up after a few more decades. I don’t want to turn 28 – plain and simple! But then, I didn’t want to turn 27 either! I’ve been pestering those around me with the age-related insecurities since the time I turned 25! The realization of getting closer and closer to the magic number of 30 has been scaring me since I completed the first quarter of my life.

When I turned 27 last year, I co-incidentally read an interesting article about the significance of that age and deaths of many artists! From Jim Morrison to Amy Winehouse, they all had their chances up until they turned 27! Well, I am not scared of death so to speak, it’s the achievements that bother me! When I was in college and started to understand the tremendous ‘value’ life has, I planned number of things for me. These were some general things, which included, love, success, money, and security to travel the world!

In short, I am talking about my ultimate bucket list! It’s like I have wasted so much of time in doing nothing and now the time is showing its importance all over again! As a child, 25 or 28 were just so faraway numbers! Even as I got to my 20’s, I never paid attention to the fact that I’ll soon be head deep in my 20’s fighting for a way out! I’ll be officially, anatomically, and socially old! Apart from my father constantly reminding me to settle down, from Sunday, the rest of the world will also start calling me old.

So, as I prepare myself and those around me to get on with my Birthday Weekend, I am not going to bring in fake optimism with resolutions, futuristic positivity, and ‘you are as old as you feel’ crap! Damn, I am getting old and I want to get wasted enough to forget the consciousness about the space, time, and age. We’ll see if I reciprocate to my age once we are over will this turning 28 catastrophe!


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