time’s up! weekend is here!


It’s been a while since I wrote a blog! Despite setting up the reminders and all with the WordPress mailer, I am failing to keep up with my one-post-a-week-target! It’s not about lack of ideas to write a blog, but pure burden of daily chores that keep me busy, you know! Despite doing nothing special, I am running out of time! Just plain simple routine (9 hours of office, 3 hours of travel, 7 hour of sleep and remaining hours of self-indulgence)! So the saying – “when there is a will, there is a way” doesn’t particularly have any particular impact on me and my moody self.

Well, the good news is that weekend is here and I have plenty of things to look forward to!

  • House cleaning! My domestic help has voluntarily offered me to help me get rid of the entire dump in my house.
  • I have landed myself a little freelance writing prospects that I can finally ‘contemplate’ and ‘finalize’.
  • I am going shopping with my brother! He HATES it and puts it off until he has nothing to wear!
  • Last and certainly not the least – I will finally get some time to work on my ‘Travel Blog’.

Yes, I have been working on this travel blog type of thing for the past few days. And, I would love to launch it in style in due time. Probably on my birthday later this month! Oh please, that’s not a hint. No gifts please! But as Mark Twain says, “I can live for two months on a good compliment!”  So, pour them!

Anyway, so this blog thing is a real deal. I will be keeping up my travel bucket list and inspire me (and those who read it) to fulfil their dreams to traveling the world! Let’s see how it goes. Till then, I am leaving you with a quirky picture of me and ‘the guy’ that I sort of distorted on my way over to the office. Have a happy weekend everyone!


That’s what the anticipation of weekend does to you!


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