time to get going…

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Carrying on with my earlier post, I need to start socializing and I need to do it now. I am tired of sitting at home. Tired of reading books, tired of going through the same episodes of Friends and Mad Men (can’t get enough! Have to admit!), tired of shopping, tired of sleeping the time off! Just tired!

Need to get going with so many plans and lists I made in the past few days cause they are driving me crazy! Let’s start by writing off two major things – reading and watching movies. According to ‘get going’ agenda, I need to get out of the house and unless I don’t stop these two things, I simple can’t do that!

My parents have always been an example when it comes to discipline. Sometimes I really wonder how I lagged so far behind on that front! Talk about genetics! Jokes apart, I need to reorganize some things and some people in my life, which starts with my own self! Let’s give it a month, shall we?

I want to spend this whole month coming up with a definite change in lifestyle and mindset. I say, gather whatever inspiration and motivation that you want and get moving! Get hold of a strong tool to get connected with people socially! I don’t think it is that hard, if you are ready to give it a little try.

One month it is! So, people! Anyone of you have any suggestions for me to accomplish the ‘get going’ agenda?


4 thoughts on “time to get going…

  1. I have found that getting to the gym, every morning and without fail, has helped me build confidence to do other things. I think exercise builds good will in all respects! Also, what are your interests? Join a movie buff club or a group of people! Have you considered toast masters? Anyway…good luck!!! I know how you feel…

    1. Hi Jami,
      I don’t hit the gym but I have started practising Yoga since past few days, which is definitely helping me in many ways. I prefer writing to any other form of expression, which is why I started this blog. But I am hoping to join a film appreciation course that starts in a few months. Thank you for toastmasters! I will definitely check for the ones in my area. And most of all, thank you for the kind words! Cheers! 🙂

  2. As I am new to your blog and don’t know your likes or dislikes but can appreciate how hard it can be to go meet people, John and I joined Habitat for Humanity. We are awful builders but we made social connections! So how about volunteering somewhere? Good luck.

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