does it even matter?

mellow moods

She often calls herself Morning Glory attributed to her energy graph that drops as the day progresses. Although not a morning person, she’s always energetic and all charged up in the morning. She hates Mondays but always manages to smile before 9 AM, in the efforts to seize the day. This energy however starts dropping as the day is ending,  with dusk being the lowest!

It’s one of those days when everything goes off-color! Perfectly good equations go horribly wrong and all your efforts go waste just because you cannot express yourself! And by express I mean convince others of your motives behind you wishing their goodwill. Has anyone else experienced the same?

So, it started one weekend. She got up by and received his call, saying he’s coming over! Perfect! She thought! He showed up a little earlier than she expected! Great time and happy brunch! A movie show in the evening (pre-planned)!! What more does one need for a perfect start to the weekend, she thought. Just!!!

A casual conversation…her simple question and his casual reply that she took as an insult! That’s it! That was the sign of dropping mood and rising temper for them both! As expected, she went into her shell. She hardly goes there, having been learning the art of conversation the hard way. But boy when she does, she just gets miserable and makes you feel so too!

She started doing the exact! Later in the day amidst a group of friends! She started ignoring him and answering in the same way that she felt he treated her at the brunch! Result? She managed to piss off the most cool tempered person in her life (after her mother!).

The usually calm Him, stormed out of the house and she didn’t even know it! When she got to know, her shellfish mindset and making-him-feel-miserable-self started crumbling into agony! He said, he’s done with the tantrums and is disgusted with her behavior in a group of friends. He said, continue behaving your worst and keep hurting him because that’s what she really enjoys!

Now? Well, nothing but contemplation! About her behavior, his behavior and the perfectly ruined day with a hope of reconciliation by the time that damned movie starts!

My question is – does it even matter? Well, for some obvious reasons:
1. If you love him, why couldn’t you tolerate his one retort?
2. When you keep on being at your sarcastic best, why couldn’t you be more accepting?
3. He NEVER behaves this way and storms out. It’s he who initiates and reconciles. Is it time to give him a timeout?

My suggestions:
1. Start damage control.
2. Vent out in the most positive way – communicate!
3. By communication I mean, apologize!
4. Learn to control your ANGER. At least once!
5. Start dealing with that social awkwardness ’cause it’s harmful!

Is there anything that you would like to suggest to our Morning Glory?


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