The Art of Conversation

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I am missing the good ol’ days and random conversations about absolutely nothing! No matter how much clichéd, coming from me, this sentence needs attention of high priority.

Have I mentioned that conversation is not my strongest suit? In fact it’s the weakest of my assets. I am one of the people who keep nodding along an entire conversation filled with people and their exciting experiences and memories in life. I just get uncomfortable letting my guards down when I am surrounded by a bunch of people. And mind you, this bunch could be a group of relatives, close and not so close friends, colleagues or any random group of people for that matter. It takes awful lot of efforts and patience for a person to bridge a comfortable ‘conversational’ bridge with me. One can easily imaging how many friends I have made throughout my life (can count with 2 fingers!)

Both my friends are true conversationalists! I’d be lying if I don’t admit that both of them are a huge influence on my ability to express myself verbally for even for the most basic things. And today I blame them both for creating this void and urge in me to have those random conversations about absolutely nothing. Yes, they are responsible for me not finding anyone but myself at the receiving end of my random talks! One of them got married and ran off to the most beautiful forests in India and the other one has lost all the conversation skills and limited them to convincing more and more clients over the phone. I never thought I will be saying this, but I simply haven’t talked to anyone! ANYONE!

This is not good! Seriously man! I am worried for my health. Rather than blaming the people who put me on the conversation drugs, I decided to contemplate about taking up a hobby where I can ‘interact’ (sense the urgency!) with more and more people and make friends (oh, don’t give me that laugh)! Here’s my checklist:

  1. Dancing Lessons: Mmm…So far from my house that I will tire myself only in commuting.
  2. Cooking Lessons: I am pretty much accomplished! (haha!) All I need is practice I say!
  3. Foreign Language: Admissions will open only after June! (Cannot believe I had it!)
  4. Film Appreciation Course: Err…not until September!

Oh man! Can’t believe I have nothing to do in order to seek attention from friendly strangers who want to build the conversation bridge and create another platonic friendship with me! Well, never mind! I have added a few more things to my list of gathering attention. How, you ask? Here’s my list:

  1. Reading and reviewing as many books as possible! (Here we go!)
  2. Downloading/buying as many movies as possible and ‘appreciating’ them!
  3. Attending the Film Festival Happening in City coming January.
  4. Celebrating my birthday at the coolest holiday destination in the country!

And last but not the least, my blog! I will not forget a few warm people and exciting blogs I have found on WordPress, which is a reason enough to still believe in the power of a written word and keep on writing! Wow! On paper, all this sounds so exciting! In reality, the fact remains that I am still a loser when it comes to having healthy conversations or friendly vibes. But sure as hell want to talk now. Is anybody listening?


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