late night call..

Random Spurring

A cold Friday night. You are finally happy that the weekend is here. Although not a single friend of yours is around the town, simply the idea of not having to wake up early, puts you in a better mood.

Situation #1:

So it’s Friday night! While you are laying down with a book and planning for a lazy, not-having-to-go-out weekend on the side, your phone rings. Turns out it’s your dad, which is weird. Not because he never calls but because he’s never up this late! It’s almost 12.30 AM and he surely will not reschedule his sleep unless it’s that serious!

You get scared! But have to answer the phone! Turns out your father is having a little party with his close pals and starts missing you. Either he misses you because he’s worried about you or his pals have bombarded him with a series of awkward questions about you! Concerning career choices and marriage perspective et al!

Dad, slightly under influence of his favorite beer has just called to wish you good night! You breathe a sigh of relief as it’s nothing related to any of the above mentioned things and shout at him for calling you this late and scaring you like that!

Situation #2:

You call your beau while taking the evening stroll after office. As per the routine, you just feel this urge to annoy him with all the stupid sweet nothings that happened through the day. You want to tell him how you had the thought of quitting your job, again! Alas! He’s busy with some client or editing works or with friends or his family. He promises to call you back and it just slips out of your mind.

It’s around 12.35 AM and you are trying to sleep while planning on wearing that red dress in case you get a chance to meet him this weekend. He calls! Well, you eagerly pick it up and complain that you’re too sleepy now! Nonetheless, you talk to him for about 45 minutes!

You remind him that no matter how late it gets at night, you will be waiting for his good night call!

Well? I’ve always wondered about this bias of the heart/mind . Why doesn’t it treat both the calls with similar warmth? Why the eager wait in the situation #2 is replaced with anger and worry when the father calls in the midnight? Is a change in perspective called for or does this concern really means the warmth that I mean? Let’s contemplate, shall we?


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