missing smiles…

mellow moods

Time and again, I realise what valuable lesson this life is. Time and again I realise the importance of laughter and happiness. It also makes me realise how little I laugh these days! Where have those unending sessions of LIVING disappeared? The struggle of life is taking me away from enjoying it! And I, really need to do something about it. Such thoughts often hover over my head when I’m depressed with the loss of control on the surrounding situations! Hate it!

Nothing tears me apart like the pain of my loved ones. I just cannot see them suffering and struggling. It really puts me off in every possible way. The whole routine gets disturbed and smiling seems even more distant! Then the motivation to write goes out the window in a flash as well.

Laughter and tears of joy! When I look back in time, those are the things that I really miss. I seldom miss my college days. Although I’ve made some lifelong friendships during those years, I barely miss those days. But just the other day, when I drove past the front gate of my college and I experienced this void that I just cannot describe!

This might be happening because I was missing my friends or because the way I’m missing out on the ‘enjoyment’ part of life with the pain of my loved ones. Anyway, let’s just say that my weekend has started on the same mellow note that I carried most part of the week.

However, since I have promised myself of bringing regularity in my writing, here I am ending my hiatus of all the pain. On the same not though, I’d like to mention that I have not allowed myself to forget the travel bucket list and I am going to start working on it as soon as I get a solid reason to smile! Do you have one for me?


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