travel bucket list

Random Spurring

Day one of my resolution went well. Although I am done with my task of writing one post a week, I can’t help but write something more. Something random, abrupt and completely me! Well, let’s just say the suddenly increased number of followers and visits evoked the Attention Seeker in me, alright? There, I said it! No, seriously! I am done with my regular business of writing on and on and on (and on and on) about market research I still have energy and patience to come up with some words purely for my soul! I am suddenly feeling enticed by the free flowing form of writing – blogging! Where I can write my heart out, without having to keep a check on word counts and keyword densities and blah and blah!

So it’s established by now that this ‘post’ of mine has no clear ‘topic’. However, to cover it up…off the top of my head, I am thinking of publishing my Travel Bucket List through this blog! People who know me and my longing for traveling the world also know some the places in the world that I am absolutely crazy about! Let’s just say, a few posts in my blog will work as a reaffirmation of faith for those places in their hearts and mine as well! After all, when you love someone you also need to love their baggage. Well, in my case, this baggage also includes loads of shoes, books, nail colors, rings and well, my phone! Honestly, I am willing to make a to-do-list for my future travels. A list of things that I won’t miss out on, whenever I get a chance to visit there!

Organizing stuff, which tops my ‘list’ of OCD activities will also be taken care of in this attempt! How efficient! So, let’s again cheer for a positive start to this new resolution and bid adieu for now!


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