teamwork or team, work…!

Random Spurring


Leadership… power… authority… boss!

Since I can clearly pass as a control freak I can always relate to most of the bossy feelings that people possess. I know how it feels to be in that authoritative position. Having the power to control what, how and why people move around you!

Having leadership qualities and being forced to become a leader are two different things. Similarly, gaining respect from your subordinates and forcing it are far too different things.

What makes you a leader?
– Firing rounds of questions just to intimidate the hell out of someone?
– Seeking hideouts when your subordinates need you the most?
– Reviewing only the negative aspect of all the things?
– Never appreciating your ‘team’, fearing they might leave you behind?


– Taking on the challenges head-on and calling a spade a spade?
– Considering everything happening around you has positive percussions?
– Believing what my team is doing is right and I will back your judgments for argument’s sake?
– Rejoicing the excellence of your team and developing their drawbacks with similar enthusiasm?

You decide!!

I would really like to turn into the latter one. Although my near and dear ones are sick of me controlling most of their lives, I would love to set an example for you and teach you how to respect and gain it in return!


What would you like to gain? Respect out of fear or humbled team of admirers assured of your decisions…soothed by your decisions! I would choose the latter one…if I were you!


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