is it…?

Random Spurring

What makes two people…a relationship drift apart? My disturbed mind always takes me back to the relationships I’ve lost and people I miss (?) at every step of the way. Be it my best friend from roommate from hostel or a blood relative who scarred me for life.

Communication has never been my strength. Keeping in touch and maintaining relationships has always been my worst bet. But, today when I look back..I do miss each and every person who was a huge part of my life at some point in time. They might say I never maintained the relation..I was a loner, drifter, weird of sorts!

Relationships are weird! In fact relatives are weird! They are all-forgiving and accepting when the things are concerning their goodwill. Routine trust issues and back bitching doesn’t bother them, when there is a possibility of positive outcome (read kissass nature!). Relatives with benefits? Hi there!

Should I judge them for being selfish? Today when I look back and think what could’ve been…what if…and come to no conclusion. Where did I wrong in standing my ground or being stubborn against bending over?

Why am I so uptight that I can’t forgive their wrongdoings just because they are relatives? Without being fooled by my own sentiments I’d like to mention that I have some strong reasons of my own.
A. They were trusted once!
B. They knew what they were playing with!
C. They never showed the courtesy to confront! Confrontation does win a lot of respect from me!

And hello, they are ‘blood’ relatives! They’re not supposed to ‘show’ the spite!

Is it just me?


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