ancient soul…

Random Spurring

Not too often do you meet a person so sorted in thoughts and perspective!

Having such a person in your life is so amazing! The feeling…beyond description! I’m blessed with the presence of a generous soul so pure and with clarity of vision!

Ancient Soul…That’s the term I’ve phrased for you! That’s what I can think of when it comes to you! Inspired and fascinated about your thoughts I don’t stop imitating your way of living…

Genuine, raw and passionate about your things, your thoughts and your people! Paired with tremendous zest for life! Sometimes my thoughts wander to a scary thought that there’s really some aged person inside you.

Your thoughts make me feel that way!  How else can a person be that mature with so much to offer to each and everyone around him? That’s the only explanation to this!

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to word this feeling of being special in your eyes…

Of being able to smile and seize the day…

Of being able to trouble you as and when I please…

Of being loved by an ancient soul…


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