Last Sunset of 2011

Random Spurring

When I look back at the last sunset of 2011, yesterday… it fills me with a huge baggage of mixed emotions. That was indeed the best sunset of my life.

I remember the times as a child when I used  to cry and cry during dusk. The feeling of not seeing the sun during nights was so frightening for me. Today I laugh and brag about my bravery and the fact that I can now face the sunsets with all my heart!

Time passes; you grow old and start realizing that it was the rising sun that brought those refreshing years, events, people and memories in your life. These abstract thoughts always hover over my mind during dusk, which still takes me at my contemplative best.

The same contemplation made me realize that the last sunset of 2011, was the best event that I witnessed in the entire year. What turbulent year it was. Being tested at emotional, physical and social levels at the same time…! Of course, it is not alien for me! Nevertheless, the kind of events and incidences that were thrust upon me made me stronger and mature as a human being. They made me realize the value of faith, trust and most importantly, love! And the feelings that flooded while watching that very last sunset of the year of rats…unexplainable!

It is like yesterday’s sun set on all the betrayals, pretenses and misfortunes that we battled for two years, so to say! The setting sun gave me all its strength to take on whatever it is that the life has in store for us. It really has…!


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